Thursday, April 6, 2017

NYC Radio: Joe Nolan Exiting Scott Shannon Show

Scott Shannon with John Elliott, Patty Steele and Joe Nolan
WCBS 101.1 FM morning host Scott Shannon has announced that veteran NYC Traffic reporter/personality Joe Nolan is leaving the show. His last day is Friday, April 7.

The reason is strictly business.

Nolan doesn't work for WCBS-FM, he's employed with iHeartMedia's Total Traffic and Weather Network.  CBS has ended its business relationship with Total Traffic and has partnered with Radiant Traffic for future reports.

The new business relationship means Nolan and several other well-known voices will no longer be heard on CBS stations, such as WINS 1010 AM , Newsradio WCBS 880 AM, Sports WFAN 660 AM /101.9 FM, Top40 WBMP AMP 92.3 FM and HotAC WNEW 102.7 Fresh-FM.  The change also impacts CBS stations across the country.

In a Facebook post Thursday, Nolan stated, the good news is he is still employed.  However, his reports will be heard on different station, yet to be announced.

According to Nolan, "I have come to be very close with the people I work with. Much closer than ever before. We truly are very good friends and I consider all of them my “other” family. Everything that I have achieved in my career is because of Scott Shannon. I have been with him for just about 25 years (My son Conor’s whole life). We have had ups and downs but working with Scott everyday has made me the broadcaster I am today. I learn something just about every day from him. There is a reason he is in just about every hall of fame there is. He is a giant!!!

"Patty and Brad are smart, funny and just wonderful incredible family people. I am honored to call them friends and I truly love both of them. I have no idea some days how Patty does it. She is an incredible woman, professional news caster and most importantly a mom. Day to day, I will miss her more then I probably know. She is as close to a sister as I have. Brad has been my running partner for years. Like J.B.J. says “we have secrets we will take to our graves”. Trevor (Kermit) -- well -- is Trevor. Funny, talented, smart young man who is more or less another son. I kid around with him a lot but that is out of a genuine love and respect. He is far from a “stupid frog”. John Elliott and I had worked with before at Fresh-FM and when we needed a weather guy I was thrilled he was chosen. No one could have been better in his slot and no one in New York is as accurate. Louie-Louie our producer is the guy who drives the bus. He puts up with a lot, deals with 4 giant personalities every day and to be honest I don’t know why he didn’t walk out more than once. He will be running a communications company one day and I will be able to say I knew him when!!!!"

A New Jersey native, Nolan has been a traffic reporter on radio and television in the New York metropolitan area since 1979. He joined Metro Traffic Control when it opened in New York in 1988. He is also the stadium voice of the New York Jets and Rutgers football.


  1. will miss Joe Nolan very much, even though he never Belt Parkway traffic!

  2. Joe, Joe, say it isn't soooo. Cried my eyes out this morning driving to work. I got into work and I told my co-worker that I cried all the way in and she wanted to know why. I told her Joe was leaving and she said I can't talk about it either so lets not talk about it. I didn't even have to say your last name, she knew immediately. So, that says a lot about you Joe... You will be truly missed. Listening to all of you in the morning starts my day off right. The laughter, the comradery works with all of you and its such a nice feeling. I wish you and your family the best Joe Nolan. You will truly be missed. God Bless p.s. Hope you are still going to be the announcer for the Jets. I loved them too.... LOL

  3. Oh no what's to become of the Memorial Day blast off speech ???

    1. The Big Show folks are a super team. How does anyone allow that team to be broken up. CBS needs to bring back Joe as a direct employee. Hopefully Scott can work some magic and get Joe back on the Big Show. Come on CBS management--do the right thing here for millions of fans of the Big Show.

  4. Joe, the show isn't going to be the same with out you.wish you the best but I hope Scott could pull some strings and bring you back.

  5. I am very sad to hear that Joe Nolan will no longer be on the Scott Shannon show. But I wish him all the luck and happiness in the world. Take care of yourself Joe.

  6. Hey Joe why can't you go work for the new traffic company. This way you'll still be with CBS FM. The show will never be the same. Wishing you the best. You'll be sorely missed.

  7. God speed Joe Nolan

  8. I woke up to new Sue and I was saddened to realize that my beloved Joe was gone! You made my mornings a great way to start the day. The entire Scott Shannon crew is absolutely the best in NY! Flat-out terrific morning program! Maybe as the other listener stated, perhaps there can be strings pulled and Joe can return. Best of luck to Joe! Love to all of you xo

  9. I was sick the week of Joe's last broadcast so I didn't know. I did hear this "10 year old wanna be" who I thought they said was covering for Joe but then the next morning heard her again and thought something was up. You would think CBS would take a page from the PLJ lesson book and not mess with something that works. I will now spend my time turning the radio down and missing the traffic reports anything to NOT hear the spunky new voice! Miss you Joe!

  10. I miss you Joe. It's just not the same in the morning without you.
    Good luck!

  11. A Jersey girl that always looked forward to hearing Joe Nolan in the morning... Always MY favorite on what his name's show

  12. I am very disappointed with this. Joe you are a big part of the show team, voice, personality & spirit....this is a big mistake !!